Incestuous longing

 I remember lusting after this cousin when I had first seen him at a wedding about ten years ago. 

Like the cliched old wine he’s only become sexier with age. Adding to the sexy charm is the fact that he’s refusing to marry. My mind is speculating all sort of reasons. Un-fucking-luckily the mobile signal was quite weak or I would have checked him out on Grindr (it’s normal for all gay men to switch on Grindr and check out the local ‘scene’ right?). Fuck he’s hot!

You know those cotton-y grey sweatpants which hug the crotch leaving little to imagination? He was wearing grey coloured shorts of the same material and sneakers. Gosh it makes me wild! I kicked myself multiple times for missing him take a dip in the local stream when all of the extended family had gone. (We couldn’t force the bus driver to take only 3 of us-me and two aunts- down the mountain to the stream/river. I still don’t understand why a little bit of landslides scared him).

I have a thing for men with thick hair in late 30s/early 40s. And his mole. He’s one of those rare tall guys I have ever liked. I’m falling asleep thinking of his long legs….


2 thoughts on “Incestuous longing

  1. Sometimes impure thoughts can be deliciously pure. I think I want to do your cousin too in his cotton-y grey sweatpants. I don’t think it’s incest, It’s not like you are going to get pregnant and have a retarded baby, but no harm in trying. Ooops. Harlon

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