HIV support

I want to start a support group for new HIV patients. To let them know that it’s gonna be okay. 

I think I should talk to the local HIV centre.

Any tips?

Also, since I’m not a professional counsellor, will it help if I do some counselling course?


6 thoughts on “HIV support

      1. No, it’s an important ingredient, but it will fall apart unless you can guide people through their feelings and if a group setting, facilitation is an absolute must or it will fail, trust me, I know.

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  1. I think maybe a good idea would be to Google “support group facilitation” or something along that line.
    I think what you want to do is noble, but when you get a bunch of poz guys together, there is probably going to be a lot of baggage. Essentially a facilitator ensures there are ground rules and makes sure they are followed, ensures people are respectful, don’t interrupt other people, don’t let one person dominate the dialogue, find a way to encourage shy people to open up. I’ve been in many a support group and the ones that worked were the ones were the “leader” was trained. If you step into it blindly, it might just turn into a disaster in spite of your good intentions.

    See what Google has to say about all of this.


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    1. I did google and have a government handbook now. I also found an organisation that works for poz ppl in the state.
      I understand what you mean because I remember my ex stopped attending the monthly meetings after the first few times because the guy in charge himself would talk crap in their chat group and the other guys had made it a hookup point.
      My intention was only to have people someone to talk to. Very informal. Nothing more.

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