I guess it’s weird that my blog posts are without a subject and show a number instead. But I think a heading for these tiny posts seems longer than the post itself. 

In any case I had vowed to write for myself. That’s why I don’t interact much with other bloggers (that’s not intentional though). I mean I am really thankful to everyone who reads but I don’t want a ‘like’ or ‘comment’ to become the reason to write this blog. I want to write in order to vent out every thing in my head. 

That is the reason I want it to remain anonymous too. The first blog I ever wrote I shared the address with my ex. That changed everything. He was the audience so I wrote with him in my mind. (There were fights too but it’s okay). I don’t want to please or offend anyone with this blog. I will write what I feel. I will deny owning this blog even if you ask me to my face. (I also don’t mind fellow bloggers who follow this blog and my art blog to identify me though.  I (like other virgos) am misunderstood so much that I am almost ecstatic when someone understands me. So.))


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