Does not having sex kill the libido or am I just getting old? I’m not able to get erect just by ‘thinking’ it. Although I’m constantly horny in my head. What’s wrong with me?


4 thoughts on “Testosterone 

  1. Are you in your head too much maybe? Sexuality is complex only because we theorise it all the time. The older we get the more sex becomes about morality, when in truth it’s the most earthly part of our being. It sounds irrational, but try not to rationalize life; it’ll help you be more in tune with your instinctual and embodied self. Also, be as creative as possible – creative actions help put us in our sexual bodies. Sounds weird maybe, but this is what I’ve found out over the past four years decoding Māori narratives about sexuality and embodiment…totally worked 4 me

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  2. You sound perfectly normal to me, but maybe I am saying that because I could easily have said the same thing you said, and I guess I would hope that someone would comment and say I sound perfectly normal.

    I think Donald Trump has basically fucked up everything, including our hard-ons.

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