Of course I’d like to know you all in real life….but then ‘knowing’ leads to me trying to ‘live up to’ what I think would allow everyone to ‘like’ me. That takes away the honesty. That’s why I come here, dump what’s in my mind and scoot. 

I quietly follow you guys, whom I trust, from my art blog (though not so subtly sometimes 😝). I’ll be happy to know that you know, but please no link backs. I don’t want to make this blog private, because right now I have you, then who will I have? 

Another reason to be anonymous is the whole ethnicity thing. I strongly believe that we humans naturally like to classify things. It creates a data of what to expect and helps us make decisions in the future. So yes prejudices creep in. I don’t take them personally normally. I mean I understand how it works. And I also know that if people got to know other people they would change their opinions. But yes, like anyone  else I would like people to know me from inside out instead of pre-judging-that colours your opinion before you get to know someone. Ironically I’m, myself, prejudiced when I think that I’ll be judged but then as I said before we come to form our opinions based on our experiences and nope they have not been encouraging. 

I know it is easy to trace the IP and all but I’d be thankful if u didn’t do it. 

I’d also add you on Facebook but then I used to post a lot of political posts and I don’t think I actually explain what I’m saying there- I might make fun of one party which may seem to automatically seem that I support the other party …more judging. In any case I’ve toned down that a bit.

And you really read all that? I don’t read long posts myself 🙈 . Thank you and 😘

PS: You can psychoanalyse me but people of my Star Sign don’t take kindly to what is already obvious to them 😤


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