Life Pozitive

I finally visited the NGO which works with the positive people of the state. Once the ‘secretary’ had finished explaining the various jobs that they do, I volunteered to do the Follow Up check on patients who stop taking ART after some time.  I will have to track them with the address they had provided at the centre and then try and convince them to restart taking the medicines. I discussed the various treatments available now and the structure of the organisation. After talking to me for about an hour and half, while we were waiting for the “Project Coordinator” to return from “field visit”,  the secretary told me that he has also been positive for about ten years now. 

I feel really good. I have volunteered to cover the western part of the city from home to the school and a bit beyond. They have only 2 workers for our city and about 400-500 positive people. The PC has asked me to call him up in about two days when he will hand me over the list of the people in my area. 

Here’s to a new beginning and long association.


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