Sex over Cuddles

I really need to ask Mechatron nerd that I want to practice sex. Full blown proper sex. It does sound unromantic but then how do I put it across nicely? Last time that we met at the rafting place when I’d gone to deliver my painting to my friend, he said “do you really want to have sex?” I was like, “No, of course not. Cuddles are fine.” 

The thing is that he’s the only guy around whom I’m always with a raging hard on. I think it has to do with that I am really comfortable around him. Looks wise and physically he’s not anything remotely I’ll be interested in. But he touches me and I’m hard. The guy I’m really into, I couldn’t even get it up with him. He was into me too. Which was surprising. And he wants me to stay with him when I visit next. Also the OMG guy, I want to have no performance anxiety when I’m with him (if ever, fingers crossed).

The only guy I can say I want to have sex for practice is right now dealing with teething problems with his ART. (PS: is it safe to have saliva exchanging kisses once you’re undetectable?). That’s what I love about virgos. He took it in the right spirit the last time I told him. Although he was like, “yeah, thanks for that. As if I don’t have any self respect and will have sex without any emotions.” But I know he’d go along. Can I help it if he’s not my type. There was no spark when we did it. He’s like really tall- I’m into guys more my height or shorter. And he’s got this huge dick (same like Mechatron) and I like the dicks on my guys small-I don’t know but that’s my thing 😬. 

So that’s that. 


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