I’ve made a Pinterest board featuring bald men with of course the patron saint of the Bald commune Jason Statham leading it. So I’ll be looking at him and my blogger friend Charly when I need to know that bald can be sexy – it’s all in the attitude. 


4 thoughts on “Bald

      1. Hell no, I’m almost bold, and guess what, a dude yes a guy and he was not gay but the point is that he said that I was 27 or 28, after a few joints that is, but I still have the happy go lucky and most important young face, he was a bit mad when I told him my real age, anyways….. fuck me, now that I think of it, it was the gay parade the other day, never been there, my uncle was gay and the best person I have known. That is what pisses me off to tell the truth, I don’t care who you sleep with, you might sleep with a sheep and …….welll, that would be kind of weird, point being, the individual, gay parade…. great, have fun, but I do value the individuals, as a one entity not as a group, that was my uncle, he died two years go, gay and gay he couldn’t be more, but he was the best person I have known. Individual. Keep that word in mind.
        Should I say “hug”…… hell yeah! BIG HUG, hey don’t convert me, I like women although lately with all the shit they give me I’m thinking of converting

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