The Married Man

The Navy guy I talked about last year. He’s married and with a kid.VD n the Kid has told me getting involved with a married man was a bad idea. I was like I am not looking for a relationship. But since we had art as a common thing we talked everyday and frequently. He would say things like I wanna do things to you etc. One day he told me to not send explicit messages on whatsapp cause the kid’s there (he’s 7 I think). He asked me to send messages on Instagram . I was like can’t the kid open Instagram? He would change/avoid topics. As we get closer I asked him one day won’t his wife see all these messages. Moreover he was messaging all the time whenever he was awake even when she was sitting near him. I asked him if his wife was aware of his bisexuality. He shut me up completely, “I don’t think we should discuss that.” 

I was super pissed. My question is do I have a right to ask the question? Do I real want to be the marriage breaker? (I don’t). Having been in a relationship where I was cheated on for a very long time I don’t like the idea at all. If his wife is cool with it I don’t have any moral issues. 

But his not letting me into what his equation with his wife cause ‘that was too private’ seems a bit too hypocritical to me.  I think he’s only selfish and self centred. (He’s definitely self obsessed). 

I don’t know how to deal with him. Cause although I had told him to stop sending me such messages at that time, he sends me memes saying “I want u to lick my balls n suck me deep” and “I wanna kiss you” (he even actually said that he wanted to kiss me when we had met 🙄). He just frustrates me. He even turns me off. I don’t know how to deal with him at all! 

(Hence the petulant child thing) 


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