Overthink Overkill

Can I for a moment stop overthinking? I’m playing the highlights of our meeting over and over. And though I know GT is not the best communicator by way of text, I’m reading between the lines there too. 

It’s safe to say I’ve almost come to the conclusion that he’s not interested. But we are meeting today. He suggested. He postponed his going away back to work.

 I have been quite honest with him but he has come to the conclusion that I am not sexual at all. This confidence of 20 somethings that they know all is so frustrating. 

I can’t stop my excitement of meeting him again. Wonder how his ‘stubble’ looks today. 😂 He’s one of those highlanders from my state who can’t grow a beard. He said he had ‘shaved’ (😝) the previous day but he was so smooth that he seemed to have put down the razor a moment ago and then turned to talk to me.


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