“Why don’t you stay at home when you work with your folks?”

“I don’t like doing the daily commute. It’s tiresome. Dad does it though.”

“So ur Dad does not find driving everyday tiring but you do!”

“Who wants to see them 24×7!”

“What a rude thing to say! How can you say that! They’re your family! I am shocked! yada yada yada….”

“Well every one his own reason…” I interject, my voice suddenly steely. I’m not happy with this conversation.

“But still! You shouldn’t say such things… yap yap yap ….”

I’m, now, getting bored with this conversation, I say without emotions”I think you should go back and not keep your cousin waiting. Have fun. Good night.”

He’s still miffed but surprised with himself that he’s brought a flirtatious conversation to this point “Yeah okay. Goodnight.”

Ah! The Romantic Idealism of the twenties! To be young and living in a utopia….


>Pls don’t feel bad I think I said too much



>You’re not Grampa…you’re a hot hunk

* Now don’t overdo it. I know what I am.

>Don’t be salty

*What does that mean?

>Ok I’ll not joke 

*Its cool man. Don’t worry.

And that’s how the spell is broken. Unfortunately I don’t feel thankful for it.


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