Straight guys can be dumb

Seriously dude! The dentist has been trying to push this colleague’s number on to me. I would’ve come out to him years ago if he hadn’t always asked me like, “You’re not gay are you? Bwahahahhahahaha šŸ˜‚” I was super pissed with him. At that time I used to feel that telling someone that I’m gay was a huge favour I was doing them so… 

Now the things have come to quite a head. I want a smart Ass reply to his message. 

“Should I give you that girl’s number? She was quite impressed with your work and all. She’s interested.”

I want to reply, “I would take ur colleague’s number but you got the wrong sex.” 

But that’s not snarky enough. And knowing straight men, I’m almost sure that he wouldn’t get it. 


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