I’m afraid I’m more ambitious than talented. Practicing girls…


I wish I was as talented as I’m ambitious.

A twitter acquaintance has asked me to illustrate her poems. She has like 12k followers.

I really like the idea of becoming a dental assistant in Australia. Dunno how the laws are there but when I joked to my friend he said he would hire me. Although it seems like a disgusting job but I really want a job with no responsibilities. I told him I’d work part time and would want my evenings off. He said okay. Of course I’d need to do an expensive training. But I think I’ll like it fine. I’ll have free time to paint.

But maybe I’ll have some ego issues. Going down from calling the shots to listening to orders…😅

Dad says you should ignore your mom. I said, “I can be rich and ignore her. This is not my dream. Once this place is up and running properly and finally making me shit loads of money I won’t say-‘this has been my life’s work’. No, because this isn’t my dream. This was your dream. I agreed to it cause I thought we all could live together and run this place. But if we’re not talking to each other it’s obviously not working.”

I think I’m going back to ship. I hate that job but at least I’ll have money.

I decided yesterday that I need to learn how to dance. So I have been dancing 1st steps of hip hop to YouTube video for past 20 minutes and boy I’m out of breath. I know I must look stupid doing that but it sort of elated me a bit 🙂