This is what happens when I decide to go back to Ship. No time to draw.


So the girl friend told me He’s coming back for good. She also cautioned me to not get entangled with him again. “He’s bad news” were her words.

Heard news about a senior respected election official who’s now in an old age Home.



Are there old age homes for emotionally scarred, unadjusted, difficult, old gay men? Are they treated with patience?

A Dog’s Purpose

I watched the movie again today and cried thrice. (Watched the last half hour yesterday. Today still missed the first half an hour)




These movies are the only place where I reach the extremities of my emotions. (Was laughing watching Little Sheldon before that).

Horrible Horrible Horrible

We are on a holiday trip – Mom, Dad and me. It has been going fine till now. Tonight, however, in this new town ever since I slept at night, I have been having this long dream about my dead sister and later about my dead dog. I don’t remember now if it was a rewind of old memories or them acting in something new, but all thru I knew that they are not alive in reality. The dog one I saw till a few minutes back, this one was something new. She was alive again. Her stomach tumour was back there, all puffed up- I asked her if it pained and she just looked up at me expressionless but satisfied that I was with her. I knew that I am going to get it operated again and she would die again. I think I dreamt of her because I pet a bitch in the morning at one of the tourist spots (the place has been on my bucket list forever and I might add I was a bit underwhelmed)-she followed me for a few minutes.

I don’t like dreaming about dead people. In fact, I don’t like dreaming at all.

Why did I dream of my sister?

Suddenly in this strange city?

Happy New Year guys! You’re literally the first people I’m saying this to 😄

(Ok will try harder not to make a positive thing negative in future 😋)