Call me by your name

The movie was different from the book. Oliver comes across as a bit too keen on sex. More than Elio. Elio seemed too straight. A straight guy from twitter who saw the movie thought that maybe Elio marries the girl after the movie. But then you can’t have the continuous voice in the head in the movie. I loved the last scene-Timothée Chalamet looking into the fire, crying, camera on his face-loved it. I don’t know why some people read into Elio’s dad’s speech as his confession of homosexual feelings. It’s a good movie. Left me a little depressed but nothing, nothing like the book. The best thing about the book is that it’s a simple love story. It doesn’t feel like it’s a ‘gay story’. It’s just two people who are attracted to each other.


The kid has grown up

He told me of his adventure

After injecting MD (whatever that may be)

“They were clean needles”, he said

You’re judging me he said.

“No” I replied.

It’s the truth. I never judge him.

I did ask him to be safe though, I can’t help it.

He said he had a massive erection for two hours, he had sex with that guy.

Everything was rosy after that, for a while.

He was horny for 48 hours.

But he couldn’t get it up.

“I never saw it become so small.

I touched myself continuously, but nothing happened. I’ll never do it again.”

Am I becoming a paedophile? I have acquired Carvaggio’s taste.

Saw a School boy in the morning, probably 12th grade. He was built like a jock but the face was like a boy.

This is all the fault of reading bara comics.

No I don’t have any sexual thoughts or intentions (with them or anyone at all). But my heart misses a beat and I’d like to draw them.

What the F will happen once we get upgraded to 12th grade?

When I dream of an Amah-zing sketch in my sleep, who’s actually drawing it? Me or the person in my sleep? 🤔

So we had an inspection in the school yesterday. But in my dream the inspector fellow took up an impromptu class. While teaching chemistry he started drawing-really amazing chalk sketches. Great shading too, which I never knew possible in chalk. I have draw with chalk on blackboards, I’m nowhere near the perfection of the dream guy. I even studied the chap very carefully. I mean once the class was dismissed I went near the blackboard and started noticing how his hand had moved, the shading, the lines….so who drew the drawing?

PS: The girl mom wanted me to marry, that Teacher was sitting right next to me. I actually have started liking her. Wish I wasn’t gay 😂 Can’t I not-have-sex with her just like I’m not-having-sex with men?

This art thing is becoming an obsession. Not that I’m becoming anything remotely great, only steady progress. But I keep thinking about art all the time. Too much of anything is bad they say. I wonder if it applies here as well.