I think I like cowboy Wild West movies. Watching Godless on Netflix. It’s good.


These small cuts n scratches, that we don’t know when we got them, when do we really get ’em? Is there an old wives’ tale about them?

In other news I’m sort of terrified that I might not become good enough by January. Will they really come to know if I’ve made something from real life or a photo reference? I’m uploading my progress on Instagram. Still not drawing enough and I have to start oil painting too! The only two oil paintings I ever made did not exactly turn out really well. One was muddy and the other meh.

When we went shopping for winter gym wear for me yesterday, Mechatron said he’s feeling jealous of me cause I’m being all fit and all (I think he wanted to say physically appealing 😝) at my age, so he should start the gym too. Made my day really. Cause when we met two weeks back and I said something about making a meal plan and all he scoffed 😎

The one bad thing about growing older (in my case) is, I don’t wake up looking all cute. My face is all puffy, lower lip hanging in a pout eyes have bags. It takes some minutes for it to come back to normal 😹

So I’m 39 today. This is the first time I’m actually looking forward to my next birthday. Yeah it’s all got to do with the hope of getting into the art school. I may be putting all the eggs in one basket. Knowing me, if they don’t take me the first time I apply I doubt that I’ll apply again. :/ I must stop telling more people about it 😹