Right I’m focusing on art and going to the gym daily. I’ll start focusing on learning how to cook from January after submissions.

Btw I finally finished the black n ruffle yesterday as planned. He’s looking quite pale because of all that black. The thing I realised is that not working on the same painting when I’m feeling burnt out gives me back energy to work again after a couple of days. Something to remember.


It is weird that mom n dad sleep in separate bedrooms. I’m a great cuddler and I love sleeping with someone if I can help it.

Towards the end I think we had taken up to sleeping in separate rooms. I think it mostly had to do with our sleep cycles. I would be out by 10 and he would not wake up before 8:30-9. That gave us almost 4 hours each being alone and horny. When I would cuddle up to him in the mornings he would push me away and in the rudest way possible. I sleep like a log so I don’t know what happened in the nights 😹

Gay Afghan Teenager Denied Asylum in Austria Because He Didn’t Fit Stereotype, Rights Group Says

Gay Afghan Teenager Denied Asylum in Austria Because He Didn’t Fit Stereotype, Rights Group Says

Gay Afghan Teenager Denied Asylum in Austria Because He Didn’t Fit Stereotype, Rights Group Says
— Read on gay-guide-asia-and-cambodia.com/2018/10/31/gay-afghan-teenager-denied-asylum-in-austria-because-he-didnt-fit-stereotype-rights-group-says/

This is most incredible. I can’t immigrate to Austria ever (if I tried) 😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

The best thing about Stranger Things is that there is no guilt added to being nerds. The bullies are bullies but the nerds too have the free run of the school-also they have fun. They seem to rule the classroom too.

The series seems to pay homage to the writers ‘ science teacher. He’s shown as the cool guy (has a girlfriend too) and saves the day-has answers to any questions kids might have.

The series shows the kids as innocent as kids are. They’re not hormone infested sex seekers like other Teen movies (yes they are pre-teens but have seen those movies?)

Stranger Things

So I binged on Stranger Things this weekend. Finished the last episode of Season 1 last night. It seemed a trip down the memory lane. 80s all through. I was those kids. I had exactly one if those T-shirts. I learnt riding the bike on one of those (mom had borrowed from a friend/colleague whose kid had grown out of it). I actually watched those movies in the theatre when they were released. Those songs were new on the radio. The directors and the art guys deserve heartiest congratulations for accurate nostalgia creation.

I also almost completed my first painting which I think I’ll submit-Cornelis van der Geest by Anthony van Dyck. I would’ve finished it but I was feeling burnt out having worked on it whole Friday evening and then Sunday morning. I didn’t want to spoil it by getting bored and just splatting on colour. I think I’ll finish the ruffle and background, take a picture and keep it aside for some time. I’m not confident about the skin at all. The original has an amazing glow. Mine is botchy. Anywhoo, I’m really happy with it. 🙂