Never Forget

Whenever I’m feeling weak about my decision regarding Italy, I must remind myself of two dates in 2nd March 2018 and 19 October 2017 when I should’ve been celebrating with family but mom made me almost suicidal with her passive aggressiveness.

(How do I pin it to my blog to always remind me?)


Once upon a time, when I would wake up I would snuggle closer for warmth and the sheer pleasure that I had Him. He was slightly taller than me but I would still always be the bigger spoon. He was be like a live nuclear bomb in the mornings so I had to be very careful not to wake him up. Had our body clocks matched ever, we would’ve been really sexually compatible-I liked early mornings, he liked late nights.

Now I wake up and look for my mobile phone.


The length of shadows is directly proportional to the intensity of the nostalgia….

The sun goes to a maximum height of 26 degrees on 22nd Dec here. I simply couldn’t believe it when I calculated!

(PS: You can workout my latitude now. 😂)

Before the Web

How did we learn anything before the internet? It was 1997, I had never even had anything to do with computers-hell I didn’t even imagine working with a PC ever. I was just out of school. The closest I had ever come to computers was computer science students or the logic n logic gates thing in Maths class.

So I enter Dad’s new office and there’s this 8-9′ tall painting and I’m like “Oh. My. God!!!” I’m jumping with excitement because I have instantly recognised the artist and was so close to the painting that I could touch it freely (I did touch the frame). The previous owner must have left it behind because of its size and donated it along with the building to the Military School. I think the painting was made in 1929 (the Palace, for lack of a better word, itself was built in 1912). The painter was prolific – he was the pioneer of selling lithographic prints of his own paintings. His paintings adorned all calendars of the era. Even today he is one of the most recognisable artists of the country-mostly used in kitschy home decor though. I saw his museum and most of his famous paintings this January when we travelled to the South. (I was same excited-the museum had paintings by the Russian Artist Roerich and by famous German lithographer-I forget the name- marked as -painting by German artist😂. The neglect!)

The painting, I believe had not been removed even to whitewash the walls. There was splatter of cheap lime wash on it. The dust and yellowing varnish made it almost dark so that it could not be seen. I remember standing in front of it it wherever I visited his office. The whole ‘Palace’ complex was a bounty of art treasure, the guy who built it was a Francophile. Our own house had so many amazing European early 20th c paintings, in the various stages of deterioration and mould. I asked Dad to contact the National Gallery for restoration of the paintings or even auctioning -the school needed funds and obviously didn’t have the resources and know how of maintaining all these art stuff. I think they only had a proper cataloguing of the art during dad’s tenure. I would really like to visit the school now and look at the paintings with experienced eyes.

I guess I would recognise the artists now. But how did I recognise him then? There were no websites. I did not have any art books. That is the question which inspired this post.

Shit hits the fan

So I’m right in the middle of juggling too many things right now. It is going to take extreme planning on my part to be able to finish everything.

All my Sundays and holidays till the middle of January are taken for in-service teachers workshop. I am also required to turn in assignments for the same.

The admissions at Florence have started. I’ve set the new years day as the deadline but I still have that last portrait and charcoal drawings to make. Also the finishing touches on the two still lifes and master copy.

The school is due for inspection. I have lots of work to do there along with visiting people and coordinating. It’s time for the sea training to kick in now.

Additionally I have MA assignments which are due in the middle of March and they are looooooong. So I have to start on them as soon as I’m free of other things.

So in the thick of things.