Day 5

What’s even the point of this?

When dad and I see each other in the morning we say nothing. We used to say an unenthusiastic good morning or something a few years ago.

I don’t know how it is between mom n dad.

I also can’t recall how it was with my sister. She was the most energetic of us all. Actually her energy matched dad’s. I miss her. It will be 20 years the Jan after they have 20th anniversary of 9/11.

I’m so sorry but I am like “kid you were conceived in a test tube not in the heat of passion” 😂

But isn’t it great. This kid was actually born because he was dearly wanted and not because his parents were having lots of fun and sex. 🤭😋

A two day cold is the luckiest thing. My favourite medicine in the world is Coldrin Cold n Flu. Not taking a medicine for cold is all balls. I take this for initial four day’s and I’m comfortable-ish at least.

Call Me by Your Name – 2

So if I’m Andre Aciman and I have a hit in Call Me by Your Name, would I write sequel because of the demand? I probably won’t unless I had the story in mind when I ended the book because you know how sequels are.

But I’m not André Aciman, so I will read it as soon as it comes out. There’s something so sexy sad about unrequited love. It is not fun for the guy undergoing the experience but cathartic for the reader. :/


I guess this is gonna be the year of kids for the family. First the nicest younger cousin had a son then her bratty brother had one. Now the librarian and his wife have gone to the hospital. I’m really praying that it all goes well. The kids pulse has slowed. It’s an IVF baby and she has been leaking water off and on through the seventh month. The eighth started a few days back. I hope it all goes well. He’s the nicest boy and his wife is a pretty sharp lady.