I told Josh Charles he need not worry about a thing, I would take care of him, he doesn’t need to impress me to grab my attention, everything will be alright, I’m there for him. Then I kissed him. Then I woke up.



(it was a black n white dream. We all looked like music video models).


Chicago Chicago !

This has to mean something now. Everything is Chicago for past few months. First the Boystown series by Marshall Thornton that I was reading is obviously set in Chicago. That’s 8 volumes if i’m not wrong. Then I finished the 8th and last season of The Good Wife – guess what? Chicago. There were a few other movies that I watched in the past month which were all Chicago. I was watching some Broadway musicals on YouTube-which one do you think is the song I stumbled upon? Cell Block Tang. I picked up another novel for reading-where’s it set? Chicago. I finally decided to finish the MA Assignments, so to look up a Wordsworth poem I checked out poetry.com. As easily distracted as I get, I clicked out the “Contact Us” tab of the site-what’s their address? Chicago. This has to mean something. So many coincidences can’t be happening.


Tye younger Aunt has invited me over for dinner tonight. Mom’s extended family is visiting-long weekend.

She says there are surprises for me-not one surprise but more than one surprise. There are only two kinds of surprises I expect-either she has a girl to fix up with me or the there are buyers for my paintings. In reality none of these will happen. Most probably she has cooked up something really nice. More probable is she has contrived some minor celeb(s) from the Music Industry as her (unemployed) musician son has recently returned from Berkeley.