So apparently movies are a horrible first date idea. And that was my thing. Always. Always. And I thought I was fucking brilliant.

But the thing is that movie allows me to get comfortable around the person quickly. Cause a) it makes me happy and b) takes off the need for conversation. 

Dinner dates would be the death of me. I wouldn’t know what to talk about and then I’d be blabbering and being my opinionated self and pushing it down the other guy’s throat (which will remove my chance of pushing something else down his throat 😝). 

How about long drives? How do long drives rate as a first date idea? Followed by a quick coffee in a small mountain road shop? We have lot of nature drives around the city. How does that sound? 

There’s a longer ‘walk’ tomorrow. I’m want to go with Dee. I mean I sent him the link and immediately asked him to ignore cause it’s a whole day thing. I don’t know if I can handle him getting bored of me. I have heard he talks a lot but still…Part of me wants him to say yes but the practical side says too soon. 

The group meets at the base of the mountain then we drive up for about 2 hrs. Then trek to the destination. Starts at 06:30 ends at 4:30 pm.

The great thing is I’m thinking about how lucky I’m I’ll not miss Day 2 of my exercise. I forgot to take the protein shake yesterday. The main stumbling block for me is that I’m a vegetarian and I can’t cook shit. 😑


I ❤️ Bara. I’m gonna copy copy copy it. ❤️ And then produce some original.
The thing is we’re so deep into the ‘gay’ stuff we don’t realise that all of it which seems so normal to us will look/seem strange to others. I mean some categories of gay manga are so perverted that they would be banned in some countries-like underage sex almost paedophilia. But it seems normal to me. Exciting even. And if I drew  it and someone comes across it? I mean I am biT NOT so great at digital. The main reason I bought the basic Wacom tablet is to draw these. But I’m so much more comfortable with traditional drawing. So if I were to die tomorrow and all of this fell in say Mom or Dad’s hands what would they say? That I was such a pervert? I know it wouldn’t matter then cause I would already be dead, but I would still want at least some one who would appreciate my stuff. Someone who would say that I’ll keep it all instead of burning it all up to hide any trace of this ‘mental sickness’….I’m blabbering but you do know what I mean.