At the Bathhouse – I

WARNING: 18+ only.  Graphic gay sexual content.

“Can you go over the whole thing once again? ” I asked
“You get free access twice a day. You collect the sauna passes at the reception, go to the Sauna reception and collect your locker keys. You climb up the stairs to get to the lockers. A pair each of towels, condoms and lube sachets are kept in each locker. You strip down, wrap around the towels and head for the sauna and steam rooms…”
“Do I wear the undies underneath the towel?” I interrupted.
“No, ” he replied patiently “it’ll get wet in the jacuzzi,  then how will you carry it around?”
“Heh heh heh yeah makes sense, ” I grinned nervously.


Singapore Straits

What happened this morning was shit scary. We were entering the Strait from the east. At 8 I was busy handing over to the 3rd officer,  the new captain was on his own trip. A ship manned by a Filipino officer almost entered our ass. Luckily this new captain maintained his cool and asked me to tell the other ship to give us some room. My voice was cracking with nervousness when I was speaking I think. In any case the we both moved away and escaped from becoming headlines.

Eat That Frog

So I’m reading this self help book which wants me to write 10 items that I want to complete by this time next year and also plan how I’m to go about them. So here goes:

1. Be better at Drawing Live/Daily sketch 365
2. 200 kids in School/Prospectus/Better front area/Road sign/aquire more land
3. USA Trip/Vacation with him
4. Write Diary daily
5. Study for B.Ed exams daily/ Read M.A. novels everyday
6. Floss daily
7. Brush up professional skills I’m doubtful about
8. Weigh 64kg or less
9. Have more sex
10. Quit Tea/ aerated drinks
11. Coming Out. Let Them know his existence and permanence.

This list says that there is not much I want to do in my life. I had to make up so many of them. I need to redo it to make it more realistic and near what I really want. Okay so back to the book.

Sign on

The bed is pretty uncomfortable. Actually feels like a plywood under a layer of blanket. The 44 year old captain seems okay like. A bit gruff if i may say. But then I’m too sensitive.  The chief officer who is being promoted seems cooperative right now. He’s under pressure himself. He’s showing it. The ship is about four year old but looks 10 from inside. There is work to be done here. Will sleep now. Have to wake up and take a round in the morning.

Leaving Babylon now. Am my practical seaman self now.
Woke up at 4. Was brushing my teeth when an Asian came and grabbed me. Had to remove his hand and send him away indicating flight by my hand. Well,  if he had a good body, maybe….
This place has such clear motives. Gays are straight forward like that.