“What do you so when it’s all over?”

“You start all over again.”

The Good Wife


I think half of my life will be spent in avoiding getting married and the rest in regretting not doing so…


Today was Grandpa’s Birthday.  If alive he would’ve been 98 or something. It’s weird how I’m not even sure if he was born in 1927 or 1929.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. She would have been 41.

The world doesn’t stop once you die. Is there a lesson in there?

I know I hold grudges. Then why do I get involved with people who give me reasons to? I’m fast on the road to become a complete misanthrope. Why? Why? Why do I put myself in situations like this? Fucked up the day.

What is next? Do I become religious or something? Find a purpose in God, to find the purpose of this life???