This is the first time since i joined this line that the weekends have any  meaning. Since the shore office is closed i hardly get any mail which results in two days free from any work for me.
I seem to have almost got all work under control. i don’t have much planned for today other than sending month end documents and sorting out certificates. 
I might work a bit on making a target list from one of the self help books I purchased at the airport when i was so damn nervous.
I might work on the novel a bit.
I finally finished the little drawing of Jagannath and  now  have  something to look at when i pray. Also now i can start working on other serious stuff. I have had a superstition about making Jagannath’s photo before starting work. I finally have it.
I plan to make few drawings on  chart papers so that i can directly get down to painting work when i go home. Or i might buy some watercolors in Netherlands.



1. As a child
History of family
Man exposes himself
2. As a boy age 14
3. Hostel age 15-16
4. Age 16 to 26 Finding Out
5. Bride Watching
6. First encounter
7. Puppy Love
8. He comes  out to his  Mom
9. Living together
10. Living Away
11. DG*
12. Cheating*
13. Reconciliation
Coming Out to Parents
14. Cheating
15. Acceptance
16. Co-existence
17. What after


Last night usually ballistic Chief Engineer was extremely hurt by the  Superintendent’s mail almost accusing him of lying. So today he sent him a mail saying instead of appreciating he is  sending mails full of reproach.
I sent his mail as it is with quotes. Normally the super wants me to sign the mail with the chief engineer, which is absolutely bs because that’s putting my name on a matter beyond my professional capacity.


I have so much of time but I’m not utilising it as i imagine i should. However, I’m making minor tweaks towards it slowly. I finally have the  correct smooth vocal jazz for nights when I’m painting and also golden oldies from movies for the mornings. Prayers and chants are loaded on another usb. The mobile has enough songs for exercise. So i guess in a way I’m settling in.
But not following a routine makes procrastination creep in making me feel guilty all the time. Keeping on working feels good,  one should not keep looking at the pile in the  inbox but keep peeking at the diminishing pile of work.
I was thinking just now how nice it will feel in telling people that i am a captain of big ocean going ships.
The good thing about this job is that i am able to go to the  gym more frequently.


We reach Mauritius tomorrow  morning. We’re getting done real good speed now, about 9.5 kts. At this rate we’ll reach about 2 or 3 in the  morning. It will be my first time anchoring. I’m quite nervous about it. The thing is that we have to anchor about 1 mile from the shore and we’ll be without engines. In case we start dragging anchors we had it. I only hope that the currents are not that strong there. But the dragging scare comes after, even before that anchoring so very close to land, i how there are no currents or wind, have to be extremely slow in speed.

I have written so many times about the bath tub. The thing is that back homeland we don’t use it so it’s kinda new thing. Yeah have used in hotels and all but then it’s always in  a hurry, you’re always on the way to somewhere, you don’t lounge in it cause you’re not gonna be the boss of it for the next few months. Which reminds me i still have about 2 months to go here. I so  want out. I want to go back and stay back. I’ve had enough of staying away. But the thing is i always imagine really unrealistic way out- making a living being an artist or an illustrator when i don’t actually work towards it. I think i know what I’m gonna add to my daily schedule.

A Captain

It’s been more than 2 weeks since i became the Master of this ship. I avoid thinking of it otherwise the pressure is just too much. I pretend it’s just another job with different KRAs.
We left CamPha, Vietnam anchorage around midnight. I was quiet happy that we made out of those treacherous island rocks neatly. I had slept for about 2 hours when around 5 am i received a call from the  Chief Mate that there’s a fire alarm coming that just won’t go  away.


This  is what comes of not following a routine or doing as you plan. The trouble with engine is giving me stress. I need to workout the  reasons of causing the stress and  ways to avoid it in the future.
Avoiding Stress:
1. Exercise daily
2. Meditate daily
3. Pray daily
4. Follow a routine
5. Keep a work  diary and keep striking things done
6. Don’t keep stuff pending. Start with what’s eating you and making you feel guilty – for eg the  PSC Checklist