Is it totally weird and stalking-ish to DM your blogger friend (acquaintance?) and tell them that they are missed? Especially when they don’t know that it’s you. But in defence I’m concerned.


13 reasons why is addictive and I don’t like it :/

How do etsy, society6 etc actually work? You need to be really popular on social media I think and then be really original and creative. I will take about 3 years to reach the last two at this rate. I need to up my productivity. Can’t happen on a sail….

Still going to the gym regularly. Started on the supplements (I’ve gone full on crazy this time). Now all this will come to nought if I go to sail. Nah you can’t take supplements with you unless you want some country’s customs to trash em in the bin and also place a fine on you.

But how do I accumulate that much of cash in 4 years????

I really can’t believe the progress I’ve made with digital drawing. The lines are so much better. The fault lay with the worn out stylus nib. 😐

Now that that’s settled. I’m wondering what next. I still have to get down to that life drawing thingy. This being a touristy city and it being the tourist season, I have plenty of places and opportunities to go out and draw. However, the important thing is that I’m lazy too. (Shy actually).

So I made a plan

So I made a plan. My brain has been overworking so much that I was feeling fatigued in the evening. Tired. Fatigued even. So I drew out what I wanna do (I write much better with paper and pencil 😬). I’m feeling better having written this. So 2018 has to be the year I improve upon my drawing.