Dad Bod-1

Okay I have been really busy for the past few weeks, as predicted. The weekends too because I think I have finally reached that Daddy age which is like the Atlantis. Just when you had given up hope of seeming desirable to anyone ever again-some people find something in you which is all that they ever wanted. 😄
No don't get me wrong. I do not look anything remotely like a Daddy or a Bear or any such thing even remotely. I was never a "ruggedly" "manly" "macho" "hunk" when I was young-er nor could you exactly call me "chocolaty". I was just a regular guy. I still am. So this is really unbelievable and surprising to me. And I have been ignoring when guys on Grindr have called me sexy/handsome etc. I still don't believe them. (And I ask you to not to have any expectations if you see/meet me ever).

So in any case, when this guy said hello and sent over the photos of a guy who would be more suited on the cover of a fashion magazine I thought that he was sending me someone else's photos. I have had that before. This town is a school and university town, so we have scores of twinks. Most of them live in hostels and are only starting to experiment or are still at the "curious" stage. Many Grindr profiles are therefore unsurprisingly without photos. Some are paranoid enough to send across fake photos.

Bloody GT did it again. He told me at the last moment that he had a place and wanted me to 'come over'. Unfortunately I had a date with my Panda Bear. We scheduled for evening cause he didn't answer my call during the day and I preponed my date with 🐼. He was 'sleeping' he said later. After meeting Panda aka CrazyKenji99, I called him up again and he didn't answer. Then when I was on my way home he messaged that I was 'crazy'. When i called he says we could 'go for a drive or something'. I told him that I didn't want to drive. He could call me next time he was in town if he wanted.
I've had enough of him now. He calls me on the almost last day he is in town for a hook up which he doesn't actually have. And then all these excuses. And heart break.
VD says he must've had sex in the afternoon and may not be 'ready'. 🙄

“When I think about the three years we were together, it seems so special, so innocent somehow. First loves are like that, I guess. Sometimes I think that’s all there is to us, wanting to get back to something we’ve lost.”

-Marshall Thornton, Boystown 4