The contract terms are very tight. A page every 2 days ! For next 5 months ! I really can’t do that much work. I don’t do art full time.

Also he is not paying anything upfront. How to trust a guy on the Internet (even tho he’s famousish). I could do it for experience if it’s like a page a month.

I should focus on Patreon instead. A guy who creates art like me has 79 patrons and that’s good enough monthly income for me. On my own pace.

White Trashing

So like men are on chat groups, we keep sending pics of guys we find hot. This one guy just keeps commenting on everyone’s choices-too young, too skinny, too smooth…and the oddest one – white trash !

Cummon! Who are you to call someone white trash? None of us are white or in America. Agreed you lived in the US for most of your adult life but why has that turned you into a racist?

People fear that they will turn into their parents. The only thing I hope and pray is that I don’t turn into a control freak like them, giving instructions for every damn thing.

Remove furniture from the living room becomes- remove only the small sofas. 🤬