I’m the official application writer of the whole family now.


I might be having hots for Oliver Hudson 😍

Fuck I have to go back tonight.

His sister and brother’s kids have typhoid.

So it’s me and his wife (my cousin).

There are diapers to be changed. Blood is coming in the urine bag.

God be kind.

The toll that caregiving takes … fuck I’m breaking down. The poor guy is in so much of pain. I’m escaping for a few days. She is alone there. I’m a coward.

Ok so I’m going to the capital with my cousin on sunday night. Her husband’s cancer has now spread to his pancreas and now pressing all kinds of buttons – his sugar level is not maintaining. I guess this will be a last ditch effort. He was stage 3 when he was detected last March. It had started from the Urinary Bladder and spread to liver n lungs. Several rounds of chemo haven’t helped. Let’s see what happens now.

I was supposed to co-host a classical music programme with my aunt (it’s a monthly thing). It is also on sunday night. I’m trying to manage doing that and then catch the train…fingers crossed.

Omg! I didn’t know that my clip studio paint works so smooth. And here I was doubting my skills and abilities for so long. Ha ha ha ! The machine’s so good that anyone would feel like drawing and drawing something good 🙂

After more than year of thinking over it I finally bought the top of the line MacBook Pro for myself. Talking to the Kid I realised over the years I have purchased/helped purchase (by spending for other things cause he had purchased one of these items) MacBooks, 2 iPhones and finally a an iPad Mini (which turned out to be a parting gift) for Him. I felt a little less poor and little less guilty after that. However I am feeling no lesser guilty for splurging 😬. Do I deserve to buy the most expensive laptop in the world? Is it really going to be useful for me? All these questions didn’t allow me to feel better even after waking up today.

However I love the machine 😁. Right now emptying (defagging basically) my Acer for the roommate cousin. Also downloading my Wacom software. 😇

I avoid dating because I can’t take twinks’ drama anymore. (I’m attracted to the 20 somethings because they have so much to see…I think).

But how do I avoid mom’s drama? Right here at home.