Mom and Dad.

Two chaos creators.

Have planned painting of the house.

While the school is on.



I remember his first morning with us. How I got him to hit the ball with his cricket bat. How he smiled when he turned away after getting a shot. How he played with me and dad for more than an hour in the tiny seating room of the hotel suite. His hesitant walk with those tiny sandals. We were apprehensive too. It was a life changing event for all of us.

Goo Hae-Ryung: The Rookie Court Historian

I finally finished the series as a celebration for successfully clearing the first inspection.

I give it a 10/10 and an A+. It’s a historical romance with court intrigue as the theme. The story is very nicely written and since I had no experience of Korean TV drama, it was totally unpredictable. The dialogues aren’t artificial or melodramatic like in typical historicals. The story too progresses at a slow and steady pace.

I googled a lot about Korea. It’s sad how the spread of Christianity made them persecute and ridicule their traditional religions, not in the ancient days but after the Second World War. Very Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.

The lead actress (Kyung? Sorry I’m still bad with Korean names) was the main attraction for me. She is an amazing actress and speaks in a magnetic way, anyone would fall in love with her. The hero of the story looked like the typical K-Pop stars, effeminate and beautiful (?). But he’s young and a good actor. The other three young male actors were the ones I found really cute and attractive. Gong Jung Hwan is the one whom I found 🀀. Maybe I like older men now. But just google him πŸ€ͺ

I believe the series was shot at some historical palace complex because it was beautiful and seemed very natural. I have never seen anything Korean before so it was all new to me. I loved the women’s dresses. Everything was natural and not over the top like the Chinese movies.

I rarely write a longish post about books movies or TV series. So the romance lovers may go and watch this one. I highly recommend.


This school inspection is reminding me of Vessel Audits. Almost same amount of stress but lesser work. Also you’re changing time zones. You can’t do any preparation during 8 hours of your watch. Every port call is stressful. Then there are routine audits almost every other month. Also you’re away from your family. I wonder how people leave their kids behind. I’m at the school for the second consecutive night and I miss my chump terribly.

That’s what drives people away from the sea, not sea sickness.

Is the kid really exceptionally intelligent or the folks forgotten when we were kids.

The orphan months must’ve made him hardier than others. He likes to eat himself. Doesn’t cry cause of minor bumps and falls. Tries to learn new words. And he makes you repeat ten times till he has memorised them. He learnt pinter today and was fascinated how it was pushing a paper out of itself.


We have inspection on Monday. I’m staying back at the school tonight.

The last time I stayed here I was very lonely. But I preferred here than at school.

Tonight it feels strangely/scary silent. Does that mean I’m happier?