Fact and Check


  1. They don’t want him in my life or theirs.
  2. I want us to start living together
  3. He wants us to move to Canada.
  4. Family business is at the threshold of taking off. Dad’s ready to hand it all over to me today if I say so.
  5. Moving to Canada would mean giving up everything and starting life from scratch
  6. Gays living together is not going to be easy in this country.
  7. At the very least they would like me to not let their friends and relatives to know.
  8. He has HIV.
  9. Life’s gonna be difficult with HIV with the stigma and discrimination.
  10. Parents getting old and feeble. I won’t be around to take care if I move to Canada.
  11. I can adopt a kid easily here.
  12. I want to raise the child with him.
  13. I don’t want having to come out to the kid too at a certain stage.
  14. I’m at the very wrong side of 35, he’s on the right side of it. I feel oooooollllddd.

Keeping me in check:

  1. I want to stay with parents. I also want to live with him.
  2. Staying with them is driving me crazy and making me rude,cruel, heartless with them, to them. I blame them for not accepting me and not letting me live my life to the full.
  3. Can’t stay with them can’t stay without them.
  4. He doesn’t want to come back here. He doesn’t want to tell his family and because of the discrimination thing. Also he feels the medical facilities here are not up to the mark.
  5. He can’t immigrate on his own cause no country would allow an HIV positive guy to do so.  The plan is for me to immigrate and then help him as common law partner.
  6. He’s tied all his hopes to me. Saying no would crush him. 

I made Dad cry.

I’m being too cruel to him.

Who made me this way?

Who cornered the cat?