It’s weird not being able to say “I love you” to someone for no reason at all.


Some mistakes are made unconsciously.

Some you make accidently.

Some mistakes are made with open eyes.

Some mistakes are still being made.


I think I have plateaued. I rapidly lost a few centimetres initially. Now nothing.

I need to change my diet into 6 meals with 23-27 g protein in each.

The problem is being a vegetarian. I’m not going all ‘not even gelatin coated multivitamins’ (yet) but yeah I’ll do it being a vegetarian only. Let’s see…

P for Pathetic

After a point i start sounding whiny and pathetic. I know that but I can’t help it can I? So there are only two escapes – a) get the fuck on with the selling art program b) find out about the printing business.

I really need to put this reading one romance a day business to stop. Had two days off and didn’t accomplish a single thing. Missed out gym on Saturday and Monday instead.

Ok so Mechatron said it yesterday that he wanted to have sex with me. So what’s my problem? It’s not like I haven’t told him a million times already that we can’t ever be The it thing. And in hindsight sex with him was the most amazing I have ever had. It could even be the best in fact, but…

…like I told him, I can’t act emotions. And that comes first for me before I can have sex.

But I do need to practice. So I guess I’ll keep my hands off myself for the next week 😹 Let’s see one more time if I can do this hook up thing.

The thing is I miss sharing things with Him. Like when I’m feeling good about something He would be the first person to know. I do it with the other friends but it’s not the same.

In other news the Kid sent me a screenshot of my summer fling Cutie from last year. Apparently he’s straight on Tinder. 😏 (Okay I’m not judging the Kid. The poor chap needs a mental escape while he’s trapped in the house with all the relations for another week at least. And aren’t our mobile phones just an extension of us?)