Something Good in Everything I see

One of the most important tenets in my tradition is to find God in everyone. It’s easier to find Him in animals than in Men.


The Internet

I feel so lazy today. I don’t think I’m gonna work till it’s my watch. This was the first peaceful port ever since I joined this ship. I am ashamed to admit that I was a sloth, I hardly went on deck. I spent my time glued on to the Internet.  My dry eyes are the proof. Except mine, every other country seems to have amazing network speed. Thailand is especially amazing in that respect. The company I work for, does not provide Internet on board. It will affect work, they say. I wish the CEO and COO leave their mobiles off for one weekday. Also let them be stranded on a deserted island that day. And let them be aware that a loved one needs them that very day. Then come back and say that internet is not needed on ships. Like it or not the Internet is here to stay. We are connected like never before and there’s no going back. I don’t accept the theory about people getting isolated because of the Web. It’s an extension of our minds. The Sixth Sense. This is evolution. A person from 50 years ago looking at two people communicating (via a simple text msg) without any movement will be amazed. “Telepathy?”he’ll wonder. That’s how important the Web has become. I’m choosing the people I want to communicate my apprehensions with. When I say I might have anger issues and a person across the Seven Seas listens, it has the same effect as a sympathetic friend’s listening would have. We do get some response from the electronic Web is why we are hooked. Is it really a non-living entity? I don’t think so. It’s millions of people come together in a more organise-able way than real life. And it’s like speaking to millions at the same time effectively.
Let’s not give the Internet or Social Media a bad name. It is what it is. Let’s work with it and not fight it.

Ri Shu

My fav cadet signed off today. I’ll miss him.  He wouldn’t speak much or express any emotions. He’d work hard and do what you say. Trustworthy,  sincere, quiet but tenacious. A bit secretive or shy.  He’s from my town so there’s a chance I might meet him in future. But looking at how much we are alike (me from inside,  although I speak a bit too much now to camouflage my shyness) I doubt that we will. So that’s what makes one adorable- being silent and agreeable? He’s only 19. I feel a generation of difference with him. I’m missing him already. His replacement is from my town too so at least maybe that is some solace.


I gave the novel 5 Stars on my kindle after finishing it. Mostly for the author’s acute intelligence, wit and expanse of knowledge. The remaining part for the struggles this brilliant novelist must have endured during her lifetime.
The book does get tiring at time after the fashion of the Victorian Age but that was to be expected. Luckily when purchasing on kindle you don’t realize how fat the novel is.
In any case in happy to strike off one novel from the 100 books to read list as well as from my M.A. syllabus.
It’s a win all the way.


Neither of us has a head for managing money. But I clearly did send money to his bank for the new DSLR. By the end of the trip, since he was going home and I had to stay on,  I made him spend a bit on an otherwise a trip fully sponsored by me tickets and all included. I think I did pay a bit more to him but he hasn’t got any he says. So the credit card bill for the camera remains exactly the same. He’s paying the minimum balance each month. Says he’ll sell the camera and pay the rest. I will NOT get into any money dealings with him in future. I promise this to myself (for the nth time).


I used to call the beagle Hip-Knopper. She had to die an untimely sad death. She and the German Shepherd were the only two victims of His pathological lying. He feels guilty about it so I don’t say it out loud. What a sad waste. I don’t dwell on such tragedies therefore I survive otherwise I have a tremendous capability of feeling what the others feel-in this case being in a strange house amongst stranger owners lonely sad vulnerable.
How does he leave the Pup at dog boarding so frequently. I would never be able to do that ever. That is one of the reasons I avoid getting attached to animals. I have suffered the death of my dogs so many times before they actually died that I can’t go through it again. Not till I’m finally settled at home at least.

Irrational Fears

The ship is rolling easily. I have a fear of rolling. Pitching I don’t mind, but this is a scary movement. I’ve calculated the stability and I know it’s an irrational fear but I’m scared still. I am now 16 years at sea.
I’m scared of flying too. Every turbulence makes me jump. I hate taking two flights when one would do.