I like friendship between the Miss Bennets and Miss Lucases.

(I’m reading Pride & Prejudice, and it counts as studying ! Imagine! )


Pride & Prejudice

I finally started reading it again. I think Darcy is only shy and people misinterpret it as being haughty-just read his utterances.

I can totally relate to his nature. 😅

The book is as lovely as I remembered it to be. ♥️

There’s this site called readinglength.com

The book I picked – Tom Jones – it is 28 hours 58 minutes long 😖

I’ll start something else simultaneously.

At the end of this week I’ll do a review of my New Year’s resolutions. I’m back at the gym so at least one thing is back on track.

I realised my art page is a bit too varied. I do digital, oils, watercolours, portraits, caricature, comics -everything. Once I’m done with this friend’s landscape, I’ll finish my 100 heads that I had started for Florence. I’ll also do a plein air landscape this Sunday morning. I’ve been thinking of painting it for the past three years-the weird trees of this town shed their leaves in spring. So the forest is all yellow. I want to paint that.

Does it happen anywhere else?