I abandoned the commission that my friend had given me a day before it would’ve finished. The topic did not speak to me. I was not able to do to it what I really wanted. The result was not too great.

I’m back to painting the 100 heads. And doing digital too. I’ve become quite fast at the latter in fact. Finished a black and white one within three hours.

And I’m posting only on the “gay” Instagram for now. I think I’ll keep it that way till I reach the 100th head. Will also do some landscape copies intermittently.

Right at this fleeting moment, the idea of getting a wife (in its total and absolute patriarchal meaning) seems nice.

Why? My pillows feel uncomfortable. And I don’t like the look of my bed over all. Women care about those things. Perhaps. At least the women I know. And how they’re portrayed in the movies.

A woman tweets how Legally Blonde is a symbol of feminism-42k likes.

She then tweets- dump your boyfriend if he doesn’t like it- 5k likes.

Seriously women! What is wrong with you. Aren’t men allowed to like different things? And I say women because the sane women do not protest this “new feminism” which is basically anti-men shit.

PS: I love Legally Blonde

I’m going underground for sometime practising/copying. But I do need to share it somewhere so…

Not happy with the ass though. It should be larger from this perspective. 😝

Learning to Study

It takes little time to clear the mind of all the clutter and be able to concentrate enough to understand what you’re reading.

When I was studying for the Elementary Education examination a fortnight back, I just skimmed through, getting distracted constantly. Now that I’m used to studying again, what I read actually makes sense. My semester end examinations are in June. I started with Pride & Prejudice because I knew it would hook me.

I’m reading it slow this time. As I said it’s the fourth time I’m reading it. I read some paragraphs again. I’m in no hurry to find out what happens next. I’m actually enjoying it very much. I always find the part with Mr Collins boring. Let’s see what happens this time.

Should I consider Barcelona?

The Americano suggested I should try Barcelona. The program is short and really cheap compared to Florence.

But I wonder if I’ll like Barcelona. I’ve only ever been to Malaga city and the port of Algeciras. I have an image in my mind of Spain being all dry and desert-y. I want trees.

In other news I resumed learning Italian, but this time by a Podcast “Coffee with Italian”. I heard a YouTube video where this guy said he learnt a language on podcasts instead of listening to songs when he was exercising. It made total sense to me. So I’m listening to this at the gym.

I’ll try resuming my HIIT tomorrow. Will keep at it if I can breathe.