HOMO manifesto

Homo is a Berlin-based magazine, and now tumblr, which announces itself with a manifesto that reads: Being a man-loving-man was once a fascinating and radical adventure. Our peculiar predicament could inspire the the right man a chance to live a better, more passionate, and original life. Dynamism, eroticism, hedonism and mystique marked much of that […]




It seems people loved to have me as the Captain. The cadet was almost crying night before and now the third officer has given me a going away present which he made me promise to not open before I reach home. 

Engine should be okay now. Apparently all the muck from the ME Sump had gone all over inside and screwed everything up. The superintendent from Glasgow says the ship’s super should have checked that the Engine was flushed and cleaned before the sea trial. But now it seems the real culprits are the company who were outsourced to do the job. They screwed it up. The ship team as well as the super landed only 2 days before the sea trial. So that’s what happens when owners try to save money one way-they have to pay a heavy price the other way. 

Call me by You Name

I may or may not have shared book review of the novel by André Aciman. I have sent it to be published on a gay blog I sometimes contribute to. If they reject it, be rest assured it’s coming here. Let it suffice to say that this book has singularly affected me like no other ever. I have lapped up each word and stored it deep within. I don’t feel like picking up any other book for fear that I might stop feeling how I am right now. You must read it. (But the maybe you shouldn’t, the last book I recommended on this blog zombiefied a reader with boredom). In any case I am enamoured. 

So what else is happening? We left Mauritania for Liverpool on the 2nd. Refuelled at Las Palmas (oh! What a place ! *swoons*) and had an engine break down. Now we are slithering  at about 4 knots and that too not in the direction of Liverpool. The weather is also pretty bad. We have become so used to reading 6, 7 or 8 metre waves on the weather reports that 5 mtr seems kids play. 

We need some spares but the Owners and the Technical managers are playing ping pong. 

Muy Bien, Las Palmas

What the fuck is wrong with these Spaniards? Sending such a sexy pilot is a bloody distraction-a danger to navigation. The frikkin pilot was perfect 3-day beard trimmed with mind blowing exactness. And there I was I feeling extremely inadequate with the unkempt shaggy  growth around my face- no longer giving me ‘character’. I was expecting a slow, fat old man but this guy was in his bloody late 20s. 

Okay I need to get laid.